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bad reviews suck. even worse are isolated bad reviews that leave lasting reputational damage. 

we give you live external insights to make your locations even more attractive & safe. 

lower maintenance & liability costs. 

higher bottom line.

FAQ for property operators

1. Can we quash reports before they're published?

no. all reports are published. but if you're a customer, you'll be able to provide proof-of-remediation that boosts your CleanApp responsiveness score. the higher your responsiveness score, the better your overall reputation because it shows that you care about your patrons' feedback. littering, waste, hazards will always happen. we help you reduce and manage these problems.

2. Where can I buy CATS to get the 50% subscription discount?

we're not involved in market-making. but we expect that as circulating supply of CATS increases, there will be many players who'll gladly swap their CATS for your dogs or USDC, or whatever. on uniswap or wherever the cool kids do these things nowadays. lol.

3. Can we opt out of people CleanApping on our premises?

not really. unless you're some secret military base and you have broad legal rights to restrict smartphone use, folks will take photos of waste and hazards on your property. instead of trying to censor negative spotlights, research shows it's much better to acknowledge negative spotlights & commit resources to cleaning them up.

4. What if this causes more vandalism?

vandalism is a very serious problem. as is insurance fraud. if you're an experienced property operator, you already have lots of safeguards in place to detect if bad actors are spilling juice in Aisle 7 so they can stage a 'slip-n-fall' accident in the hope of getting an insurance payout. CleanApp helps you minimize risk of loss by giving you live notice about conditions your patrons find wasteful or hazardous. you can then activate your existing hazard response and cleanup protocols much faster. this lowers your maintenance and liability costs, boosting your bottom line.

5. How accurate is your geolocation?

if there is one report, we use device GPS coordinates. the more reports we get about a given condition, the better our ability to triangulate the location of a hazard. on average, our reports are accurate to within ~1m radius. with additional context cues, your human and/or bot cleaning protocols should be able to locate the exact problem area very quickly.

6. Can we integrate CleanApp into our existing stack?

absolutely yes! we have a lightweight API that serves you reports as they come in. enterprise-tier customers also get AI-optimized heatmaps and predictive analytics. 

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