for de💚s

FAQ for devs

1. Why blockchain?

blockchain is mission critical for CleanApp beyond just 'tokenization' of CATS (our reward points). 

our goal is to onchain as much of our stack as possible, leveraging latest knowhow in dID, dCloud, DAO/multisig governance, oracle networks, account abstraction, gasless, and so on. 

our dApp must be max censorship resistant because the things we're forming consensus around are extremely sensitive and contested social bads. there's a reason humanity has no idea how much waste it produces, let alone where it ends up. as a public spotlight, CleanApp must be resistant to capture and attack. that's why blockchain. that's why ethereum.

tldr: CleanApp isn't just putting photos of individual cigarette butts 'onchain' — every photo of trash is one step closer to putting the law on chain. that's how deep our rabbit hole goes, and we need your help.

2. What's the CleanApp stack?

React. JS. Solidity. Jupyter. Tensorflow. PyTorch. ARKit. it goes on and on. 

tldr: whatever your background, if you can code or just starting out, we really need your help.

3. How open source are you, really?

we're committed to open-sourcing everything we do, from mobile app source code, to backend analytics code, down to the front end web app code. that's the only way we build trust with our global community and safeguard our legitimacy. 

that said, we are using third party tools that are not open sourced yet. we're fully transparent about this, and if you have questions about our OSS cred, feel free to call us out on twitter, or elsewhere. we welcome it.

tldr: players will be able to prove their reports are, eg, private throughout the CleanApp i/o pipeline. but we'll still need to have third party plugins (eg, stripe to process fiat payments) that aren't open source, and that's how it is.

4. Your github is all over the place?

yeah, blame chatGPT and that's why we need your help. lol.

5. What do you need immediate help with?

front end webapp; solidity scripts; mobile app dev; database admin; security audits. 

6. What do you pay?

CATS. lots of CATS