everyone wins with cleaner parks, stores & playgrounds

a brief history

in 2013, an ex-janitor stumbled upon a nasty dumpsite in Memphis and decided he'd had enough. hazardous ooze leaking from industrial drums. flowing into America's biggest river. 100 meters away from a playground. 

not a local issue: through the water cycle, each one of us has some of the toxins from those barrels coursing through our veins right now. eww.

dumpsite where our journey began became the banner of our change.org petition 

we spun up our own wiki, held small crowdfunding campaigns (our indiegogo), and started raising awareness. got incubated by the FedEx Institute of Technology. eventually, we incorporated a Tennessee nonprofit, which became a US federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

existing waste mapping apps struggled to scale because they overworked and underpaid reporters. thus, only the most dedicated environmentalists reported waste and hazards.

our big idea was to simplify reporting and have players win blockchain rewards. this was 2013, and so, yes, the first blockchain reward we brainstormed for CleanApp was none other than btc. lol. 

in 2023, our core blockchain thesis remains unchanged: chains need material utility dApps like CleanApp for legal security; CleanAppers need blockchains for economic security. symbiosis.

the first decade

our main accomplishments over the past decade:


today, we're launching our own mobile app ecosystem and blockchain primitives to realize our vision of a decentralized global complaint hotline & feedback loop. managing a massive reporting funnel is just the start. we know the game only works if everyone can see real on-the-ground impact from their reports.

that's what drives us.

how it started
how it's going

Fun. Public. Good.